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Iv’e been visiting my mom and my friends down south.
Me and my mom  also went to Oslo where I Recived 2 Diplomas/highly commended for two of my photos in the Photographer Of The year competition in Norway.
Then back to Tromsø, for a quik stop.
Then down to Oslo again with Rune Larsen my favorite Art director at Reform Studio  ,doing some photoshoots, one of the photos you can see in VG tomorrow (Norwegian newspaper)
Working on some different prodjects, 2 of them are more like a new art/conceptual series.
I’ve tanken some promo photos of this fantastic band called Mara And The Inner Strangeness (check out their music!), for their new album and Im pretty happy with the results. Love working with people who are creative and full of inspiration.

Then I had my mom visitting, really nice weekend, with good food,going crazy at the fleamarked found me some really vintage dresses.
And my mom gave me a handbag that she has made.. Really beautiful!! She has started to design her own purses and handbags. They are really uniqe and special.
Im gonna make a own blog post with pictures and about the handbags.
It’s possible for you to purcase one lovely handbag specially designed for you.
Just gonna take some photos of the bag, so I’ll come back to that later.

My mom

Exept from that, i’ve mainly been working my ass off.
And enjoying the spring, and the midnight sun.
I love this time of year, here in Tromsø we have the minight sun commin around 17 of may, and it never gets dark.. LOVE IT!! It gives me really boost!!

Ooo almost forgot, my new Camera!! Nikon D800. I Have to say, im in love!
I had my D300 since I bought it in 2008. It started to getting sick on me.. And on a time that I had alot of photoshoot.
And the camera has a really big waiting list.
But I got som really nice friends that helped me out. 🙂

Well that’s all for now!! I’ll be back real soon for more updates about the handbags.
Enjoy some of the photos from the photoshoot with Mara an the inne strangeness.