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Happy new year.. Yeah I know im a bit late.. But these last week I’ve been packed up with moving and getting settled in our new home.
Well what’s happend since last time..

I had my parents here for christmas. And I got some really cool gifts! I love gift, that have some special thought behind it.

Look at this cooool tiny camera buttons I got from my lovely fiance.
It’s gonna look soo awsome on with my dress!

And with those nice buttons.. This is gonna look hawt into this bling bling tie I’ve got from my mom and stepfather.

I also got a print of a painting that my grandfather painted.Do you see who it is?

Moving, and i really &%#!» hate it. The only thing positive with moving is you get to throw away alot of shit.

I also got published in Digital Camera Magazine in January, the picture i got the fifth place in the Photographer of the year 2011. I’m pretty satisfied with that. 🙂

I also writing on a story… Can’t say so much about it, but it’s gonna be pretty personal. So you just have to wait 🙂

I getting to be a sucker for baking and making chocolate theese days.. 🙂 And getting pretty good at it to 😀 Who would have guess that.. Me baking.. 😀

Enough about baking, christmas and moving. And Im getting tired writing in english 😀
So I rather show you some wedding pictures I took in December.
We where suppose to take the pictures outside, but the bride and groom got sick.
But i think we got the winter wedding mood in the picture of the wedding couple.
And the pictures with the bestman and bridemaid more standard classic look.
Hope you enjoy!!