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Yes I do that to, but I don’t take more than 4-5 weddings shoot in the year.

1. Because I put alot of work and efford in them
2. If you want ordinary weddings pix, well im not the right photographer to do that. So
(usually the couple’s that contact me don’t want that 🙂 )
3. And when it comes to booking me, It have to be at least 4 months befor the actually wedding day.
4. I always have a assistant with me, and the good ones don’t grow on trees. 🙂 So that one of the things In good time before the date.
5. Scouting location, take picture of the location, details planning, picture of the wedding dress,picture of the groom dress, meeting with the couple, and the list goes on!

Anyway, here are a taste from two of the weddings I have photograph this fall.
The first couple is Torill and Øystein taken on the boat Polstjærna
Here I switch between , natural, studio light I used Octabox, and grid.
To get the different look and mood.

The second couple I actually took behind my flat in this lovely wood I have here.
I had waiting for the right wedding couple to contact me. Because I had this location on my notebook for some time. And when Stine and Bjørn Hugo contacted me, we met up and when I heard how kind of theme/look they wanted. I knew this was the perfect location.
Alot of work behind this shoot, setting up the electricity (I dont have a portable kit). Calling the police and the fire department, because we used  a huge smoke machine, so if some of the neighbours believed there was a fire going on, and start calling in. 🙂 The police and fire department could inform them it’d just a crazy girl taking photos 🙂


And have a great evening!