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So yesterday I had this really wonderful shoot with Kari Helene. One of my favorite models to work with. She has this innocent experession over her! And the  great thing is that she love to try out different stuff of concepts 🙂 So I have more plans for her in the future.

I have decided to split the pictures in two so the first part you gonna se is more like beauty/expression pictures.
And the next gonna be more artzy, with textures and movements in the pictures.
I really think its gonna be something, the artzy serie.

Got myself a new pc and screen the other day, I just have to say.. It’s like a new world! Everything goes so fast and the workflow is really great. Now I can work in Lightroom and Ps at the same time.. 🙂 🙂 So Im a happy camper these days you could say.

So hope you enjoy the photos and excuse my crappy english writing!